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To see change in our mental health, we need to start talking.

Our speaking sessions are for all genders using lessons learned from men’s struggles. That’s right, it’s not just about or for men. Spoken word stories reflect Dxtr Spits male journey while simultaneously weaving together the bigger conversation of human healing and mental health.

Team & Community Building. Gender Equity. Violence Prevention. Burn Out Relief.

So what’s it about?

The Bottom Line…

Deteriorating mental health in companies costs more than you might think. According to a Gallup study,  low morale alone costs American businesses up to $550 billion a year and that’s without even getting into the nuances of mental health, burnt out, and turnover. Why not have a workforce that is mentally healthier with less burn out and higher emotional intelligence? How can a company or workspace create an environment for employees to truly thrive?

What’s our magic?

We are tired of boring, dry, or unmoving conversations about our most precious gift, our lives. We incorporate spoken word, mindfulness, and reflections to expand our capacity to talk about mental health and our life experiences. We explore how we can ask for help, internally process, better use company resources, and better show up for ourselves and others. 

We believe the internal healing will radiate and create waves externally.

What’s a Dxtr Performance Like?

“If you can do that in front of a crowd full of strangers, I can say it in front of the people I love”

“Dxtr’s performance helped me feel but then he prompted me to sit with those feelings. I felt empowered to do that. He set the example.” 

“You changed the narrative. Keep being the voice for those who don’t know how and aren’t ready to speak”

See Dxtr Live, What’s beneath the Water….

Life can feel like our own swimming pools filled with pressures. Sometimes we swim just fine, other times, we feel like we’re drowning. Let’s learn ways to be a life raft for ourselves and one another.