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After laughing at one of her jokes, a teacher once told Audrey: “You have my attention. Now what do you want to say?” Across her vibrant career spanning comedy, teaching, public speaking, and corporate consulting, Audrey has realized that the quickest way to common ground is laughter, which is why she has always been grateful that people tend to laugh when she talks. At age 29, Audrey became one of the youngest Vice Presidents for Home Depot, where laughter helped her lighten a room after complex negotiations. Her approach continues to serve her in corporate consulting, creating products that deeply resonate with customers. As a professor and lifelong learner, she combines comedy with education to design fun and engaging talks. Over the past seven years, she has created over 1,000 educational, inspirational, and entertaining videos, blogs, sketches, interviews, and graphics. She posts whatever moves her soul daily and is grateful to have gained more than 100,000 followers.

IG: @notaudreyboyle

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Why HMC is important to me

Two years ago, during one of our periodic chats, Dxtr casually mentioned he had written a book called How Men Cry. He continued to write and included several spoken word pieces that he would perform live. Eventually he performed one of the pieces on my online show. I had witnessed the wonderful reception to his music and scientific work, but the raw and emotional artistry of this piece was something else entirely. Dxtr’s performance went on to receive over 60,000 views on Facebook. 

Dxtr’s art has a unique way of connecting to the emotional undercurrent of our lives and reaching into our souls. His work has sparked a movement encouraging men to speak openly about their feelings and to share their stories. How Men Cry is a transformational project. In my time, I haven’t seen many movements that positively uplift men. Since I began helping Dxtr collect the stories of these brave men sharing their vulnerability, I’ve learned so much and gained a better perspective on the male experience. This has led to enlightening conversations and stronger relationships with the men in my life. 

As one of the men who shared his story put it: “It felt good to talk about this stuff, and I hope it helps others.”