men’s healing looks different. let’s talk about it.

Relieve the pressure. Find your peace. Evolve masculinity. Change the culture.
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More hours in the office, substances, or isolation won’t stop the hurt.

We are the bridge between noticing something is wrong and actually asking for help – a space where many men and individuals fall through the cracks. How Men Cry is changing the narrative around men’s healing and destigmatizing mental health conversations. We incorporate spoken word (by our founder Dxtr Spits), mindfulness, reflection, forest bathing, and community development in our men’s retreats and all gender speaking sessions.

Team & Community Building. Gender Equity. Violence Prevention. Burn Out Relief.

What if…

Happiness and health were possible across every aspect of your life? Let’s learn to openly support our mental health in the office, in our relationships, and most importantly, within ourselves.

What People Say About Our Work

“Dxtr is incredible, opening up conversations that should be shared”

“I’ve recognized the strengths of being a guy for a long time now, but never realized truly how harsh our predetermined defense mechanisms truly are. Thanks for doing what you do”

“It’s hard for me to cry. I needed this”

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