When you find a Diamond in nature

You do not find the Diamond alone

You will find it in an Ore bundled with 

Minerals & Some unwanted Elements….Rocks


But we look past everything we don’t want

And look for the glimmer from that little speck of Diamond

That little twinkle that walks on the surface of the Retina

Like the Sunshine does on a body of Water


The Diamond, captivating isn’t it?

We all see it’s shine, admire it, praise it….Chase it

That big ol’ Rock on your finger that make your girlfriends gasp

And us broke men feel intimidated


The Diamond, is captivating as you were when I first met you

How could I not see your shine? admire you, praise you…..Chase you

Having you on my arm would make the other guys jealous

And your girlfriends excited for our future nerdy children


But when you find a Diamond in nature

You do not find the Diamond alone

Yes I am very interested in your shine and it’s lovely

But I’m more interested to know, what else comes with you?


Too many of us worry about the things that shine

And never stop to look at the bulk of the bundle

Beauty fades like relationships after the honeymoon phase

So instead of telling me about the Diamond, tell me about the Rocks that Surround you


Tell me about the Rocks that make you too dense to swim to emotional safety

Tell me about the sheared sharp edges left from the thing that broke you

Yes Tell me about the Minerals that bring you life

But do not leave out the cracks and imperfections that make you unique


Tell Me about the Rocks


Tell me about the parts the can shine, but need some polishing 

Tell me about the sections that are so compressed you need a sledgehammer to break through

Tell me about the Gray Areas

Tell me about the Rocks


Because I have Rocks too…

And I just need someone to understand my broken fragments

So that we can do our best to piece ourselves together


Because when you find a Diamond in Nature

You do not find the Diamond alone

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