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A Dxtr Spits performance is a powerful opportunity to feel his work and engage in personal reflection through stories, humor, and healing

Facilitated Conversations & Workshops

Creating the space for healing conversations through impactful art


We are excited to partner with you and collaborate about potential events, projects, and possibilities

What to expect from a Dxtr Spits Performance

The audience experiences a spoken word performance challenging male conditioning addressing topics including: understanding emotional intelligence, anger management, substance abuse, trauma responses, and the value of the healing journey

After the performance Dxtr creates space for healing conversations with a Q&A,  reflection prompts, and mindfulness exercises centered around the themes of the performance

Meet the facilitator

He's a Performer

5 years as an entrepreneur

6 years facilitation Discussion and Interactive Performing

Mentee of Dr. Nikki Giovanni

And a nerd too

Virginia Tech Graduate

10 years in Engineering: Semi conductors, Aerospace, Metals, Biomedical

Published Scientific Author

Researcher: Johns Hopkins, Howard University, University of Washington






“Dxtr’s performance helped me feel but then he prompted me to sit with those feelings. I felt empowered to do that. He set the example.” 

“If you can do that in front of a crowd full of strangers, I can say it in front of the people I love”

“You changed the narrative. Keep being the voice for those who don’t know how and aren’t ready to speak”