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How Men Cry is a collective seeking to change the narrative around men’s mental health by sharing honest stories in safe spaces. Wherever you are on your journey, we welcome you with everything you carry.


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What is How Men Cry?

Man #0 is our creator Dxtr Spits. It’s his story that sparked this movement. At his heart, Dxtr is an artist and creator. Throughout history it has been the artists who have moved the masses and lit the fires of change. At this moment in history, Dxtr and How Men Cry seek to use the spoken word to change the narrative around men’s mental health. The men sharing their stories (HMCs) are that movement and their words make up our communal wall. It’s an honest and raw space of vulnerability and truth – a place where no punches are pulled and no man is left alone in his truth. 

How Men Cry Origin Story

As a spoken word artist and musician, Dxtr Spits began sharing his stories of healing and growth. At shows and online, men started sharing their stories with him. Dxtr realized a lot of men are struggling but doing it in isolation without safe places to discuss or receive support. He recognized the negative narratives around men’s emotions and mental health and saw they were impacting every man. He knew it needed to change. How Men Cry became that change.

Cry Doesn’t Just Mean Tears

We believe that crying can mean more than just tears. We can cry out when we are hurt through violence, self harm, depression, etc. We are collecting 1000 stories from men in the community brave enough to share. Our hope is that this action will steer the conversation in a healthier direction.

Dr. Nikki Giovanni

Excerpt from the Foreword to “How Men Cry” the book

“Jordan Holmes has opened his heart to show us How Men Cry.  He refuses to be embarrassed by his feelings.  He refuses to tuck his soul in and pretend nothing matters.  He wants us to see what it is that makes him a man.

Our men need to cry from the pressure of being asked to always want and do more and more and more. Our men need to cry from being misled by soulless men using murdering as an indicator of strength.  Our men need to cry to process the visions of unarmed boys being shot in the back or knees put on their neck.

Our men need to cry to heal so that a different action can be achieved. Black Tears Matter. Boys do cry. Men Do cry. The tears may fall on dry soil but a weed then a bush then a tree will grow.  And something else will fall from that tree.”

Dr. Nikki Giovanni, Poet

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Brian Sykes

Man #1

Shoutout to How men Cry for allowing me to be a part of their first episode. It was most definitely a life changing experience. I encourage all men and women to check out their in depth interviews. Now is the time more than ever that we allow ourselves as men to shed the old skin of our pasts and embrace the real men we truly are. There is no failure in recognizing when you are weak. The realization becomes the best strength you can have because you become active in finding what was lost and repairing what has been damaged. We all need help to that next step in recovery and wholeness. I pray these interviews become a catalyst for many too build positive foundations going forward.